Toots Tribute
Olivier Vander Bauwede

Young Toots Collective

(c) Arthur Joos 

Toots lives! 

Five young students from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels pay homage to the playful character of the Brussels 'ketje'. Led by Ghent harmonica player Olivier Vander Bauwede, the internationally composed quintet brings a fresh and energetic tribute, with a focus on Toots' most remarkable and legendary collaborations.



'Young Toots Collective' consists of:

Olivier Vander Bauwede (harmonica)

Yuxiang Zhang (guitar)

Marco Marcelletti (piano)

Victor Khaddaj (drums)

Mehrad Hezarkhani (bass)

First shows:

 Brussels Jazz Weekend - 29th of May 

Basilica Koekelberg - 17th of June