About Olivier

Olivier Vander Bauwede is a harmonica player and multi-instrumentalist from Ghent, Belgium. As a player of both the chromatic as well as the diatonic harmonica, he has worked with several critically acclaimed artists in various genres of music, ranging from blues and jazz to pop, rock, folk and world music.



“Live From Room 13”

The new live EP together

with Leander Vandereecken

Olivier live in May

Sat, MAY 4 - Bluesin' Brussels, KFK Hope, Brussel

Sun, MAY 5 - Missy Sippy All Stars, Gooikenshoeve, Evergem

Wed, MAY 8 - Missy Sippy All Stars, De Harmonie, Ronse

Wed, MAY 15 - Acoustic Blues Jam, Opening Missy Sippy, Gent

Wed, MAY 22 - Yuxiang Zhang duo, Hollywood Cocktailbar, Gent

Thu, MAY 23 - Nathan Péron duo, Goudblommeke in Papier, Brussel

Fri, MAY 24 - Paradise Stompers, Jazzcafé Dizzy, Rotterdam

Thu, MAY 30 - KCB Singers evening, Jazz Station, Brussel

Fri, MAY 31 - Leander Vandereecken duo, Blues Remix, Brussels