In the realm of jazz, Olivier had the privilege of participating in special tribute concerts honoring the legendary harmonica virtuoso Toots Thielemans, as part of the Toots 100 celebration in 2022. He performed alongside former bandmates of Toots Thielemans, including Nathalie Loriers and Bruno Castellucci. As part of a collaboration with the Conservatory of Brussels, he was featured in the production of 'Toots 100 & Beyond' at Bozar, where he intersected with luminaries such as Gregoire Maret and Kenny Werner. Additionally, he founded the 'Young Toots Collective,' an internationally composed quintet showcasing Toots' most iconic collaborations. 

Nowadays, he shifts his focus towards his own compositions, performing them with his jazz quartet alongside Chinese guitar virtuoso Yuxiang Zhang, who notably won the Toots Thielemans Jazz Award.


Born in Gent, Belgium, Olivier embarked on his musical journey in the blues scene, honing his harmonica skills at local jam sessions. Inspired by fellow musicians and the live experience, he made a firm commitment to pursue music for life. Choosing to study jazz at the Jazzstudio in Antwerp and later at the Conservatory of Brussels, Olivier stood out as the sole harmonica player in his cohort. Immersed in the vibrant scene of the capital city, he forged connections with numerous musicians who would become collaborators in his future endeavors.

Proficient in both chromatic and diatonic harmonica, Olivier has collaborated with acclaimed artists across a spectrum of genres, spanning blues, jazz, pop, rock, folk, and world music. Over the past five years, his harmonica has been featured on 15 albums,

as well as film and television productions. Notably, he has worked with the renowned band Absynthe Minded and contributed to the upcoming album of Belgian pop sensation Sylvie Kreusch.

In the blues community, he remains an active contributor, organizing jam sessions at the Missy Sippy Blues & Roots club and performing with his band Paradise Stompers at lindy hop and blues dance events. Sharing the stage with esteemed blues artists like Ian Siegal, Roland Van Campenhout, and Tiny Legs Tim, Olivier continues to be a passionate fan of the blues and roots tradition. Currently, he is touring with Leander Vandereecken, a talented vocalist and guitarist, with whom he recently released a duo album.

Beyond the American blues, Olivier harbors a deep appreciation for African traditional music, showcased through his involvement in Tamala, a quartet blending West-African musical traditions with diverse influences. Their collaboration resulted in the 2021 album 'Lumba’, and they are set to unveil new tunes in 2024.